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Fire is a particularly stressful event, often with devastating consequences for your house or office. Even a small kitchen fire can cause damage that ends up in major expenses on restoration, and even more so without immediate attention. In case of fire damage, it is imperative to call in fire damage restoration experts right away not to let the situation further deteriorate.

We’re proud to be a trusted IICRC-certified provider of fire damage restoration Indianapolis services and will effectively address water damage and smoke damage that often accompany the fire.

As important as it is to call firefighters immediately to extinguish fire flames in case of fire, contacting fire damage restoration experts is just as important and just as urgent. Here are the main reasons why:

Fire Damage Restoration Process

While Gallery Water Damage experts develop a custom restoration plan for each case of fire damage, the cornerstones of our fire restoration process remain constant and will start immediately after receiving a request for support.



We’ll come to your home or business to conduct a comprehensive inspection and assessment of your damage, which allows us to confirm the best possible restoration plan based on your unique situation.



Our experts start by securing your property – boarding up damaged or compromised windows, doors and walls, before tarping the damaged roof to prevent water damage.



We use the best tools in the industry including Odorox machines to remove smoke and soot damage from all the surfaces. If needed, we address any water damage prior to starting the removal of smoke and soot.



We first deodorize affected materials/furniture and sanitize areas affected by water, before using professional equipment such as ozone generators and fogging equipment to remove odors and ensure superior air quality at your house.



The final step in the process is to take care of the major repair needs of the house structure, as well as restore the interior of your house to the pre-fire condition.

Why Gallery Water Damage is Your Best Choice for Fire Restoration

If a fire has affected your home or your business premises, call in experts in fire restoration and repair as soon as possible. In our service area, Gallery Water Damage might be your best choice. Here are the reasons why:

  1. We adhere to Federal standards for Professional Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration that makes our work grounded on reliable fire restoration principles, research and practical experience.
  2. We have 20 years of industry experience, which makes us frankly say, “We have seen it all” whatever the extent of your fire damage is.
  3. We are your one-stop-shop solution, as we carry out not only professional fire restoration but also effectively address water and smoke damage that is common in case of fire. We also do fire repairs to return your home to the pre-fire condition.
  4. We prefer human communication and do not outsource emergency calls to AI assistants – they may be intelligent, but we care and sympathize. For the same reason, we maintain communication with you throughout the whole process of fire restoration and bill directly to insurance.

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