Content Management

When disaster strikes your home or business, it often creates a domino effect and one of the unforeseen consequences is the need for your valued possessions to be cleaned, stored and cared for during the restoration period.

Our Certified Residential and Commercial Content Management Teams take meticulous inventory and carefully pack all items before moving them to our climate-controlled facility, where we have an opportunity to clean and store everything until your home or business is back to normal.

Our Services Include:

The Content Management Process



Prior to anything leaving your property, our team will document and inventory every item, from furniture and rugs, to electronics and household wares.
We review each item to identify if it needs any specific cleaning or sanitation work while in storage.



Our experienced transportation team carefully packs up your possessions and transport them directly to our climate-controlled facility, where the same team that did the inventory checks each item into an assigned sanitized storage space.



You can rest easy knowing that your possessions are in good hands at our secure climate-controlled storage facility, where our full-time team treat each item with extreme care and caution.
Our storage facility is the same commercial-grade environment where we store our own temperature and moisture-sensitive specialty equipment.



While your possessions are in our facility, we will perform our professional cleaning, restoration and deodorizing of any items that were identified as “in-need” during the pack-out.
Our industry-leading team is evaluates each item to determine the specific cleaning process it needs to be restored to pre-damage condition.
Different items require different restoration methods and you can trust our team to take tremendous care of your belongings.



Once your restoration or reconstruction project is completed, we will arrange for a safe and timely return of your possession to your home, where our team will review your items with you, to ensure complete satisfaction, before helping you get everything in place and your home or office back to normal.